“Small batch, small business” is not only the adage that embodies who Twigs and Roots is as a company, but also a collective mindset we share. We create artisan products crafted with an attention to detail only individualized hand blending allows. Using carefully curated natural ingredients, we produce goods that allow us to utilize nature’s remedies to treat our bodies the way they deserve.

Our skin is our first defense, and a cherished part of who we are. Because of this, we are passionate about protecting our bodies from the toxins in our world and dedicated to creating products that won’t introduce any harmful substances into our body or environment. That means no chemicals in Twigs and Roots products—we keep it simple and pure.

We ensure our customers receive wholesome, natural products that are unique, environmentally friendly, and cruelty free. It is our sincerest desire to provide our customers with the tools they need to enrich their lives through using simply natural and organic products. We want our customers to feel the satisfaction that comes with the reality of choosing plant-based alternative when it comes to body care, and the results this choice yields.



Nurse Practitioner
We all have defining moments in life, and for Haylee it was a—thankfully benign—medical scare. She immediately decided to make the switch to start using natural products free of any harmful chemicals, and thus stumbled upon Twigs and Roots. Haylee’s active lifestyle and profession compelled her to find a natural deodorant, that worked, and Twigs and Roots delivered. Soon, she discovered a range of effective product offerings and became a fan for life—a fan so loyal in fact, that she went from product champion to Twigs and Roots co-owner



Raised to be a healthy life advocate, Claudia learned from a young age that avoiding harmful and toxic chemicals in non-natural products was extremely important. As she witnessed friends and many extended family members impacted by cancer, Claudia sought out natural products that delivered real results. This search ultimately lead her to Twigs and Roots, which she happily took over as a co-owner.

Building off the strong foundation left to them by founder Erin Baker, they have begun the journey together of elevating this company to what it is today